Swamp Yankee Dutch Potatoes

I descend from a long lineage of Swamp Yankees. We believe in practicality, simplicity, and stoicism. We think people talk too much and should listen more. We pay more attention to the weather and birds than TV or electronics. We live to ripe old ages because we mostly eat at home and try to go…

French Onion Soup

The first time I ever had French onion soup I was at my teacher Mrs. Mahoney’s house for a French Club holiday party – Yankee swap style. I was one of the only freshman there and felt really awkward. Would people want the gift I brought? Who can I talk to? What jerk stepped in dog poop…

Ave’s Eggplant Parmesan

Growing up what did your family have for Christmas dinner? Turkey? Perhaps a ham? Or maybe even roast lamb? We always had eggplant parmesan. Why? Because it’s delicious. And we’re Italian. duh.

Chocolate Stout and Bailey’s Irish Cream Cupcakes

For a variety of reasons, I’m starting to develop the mindset that more Christmas gifts should be homemade. I know it’s ambitious and perhaps considered odd in today’s day and age…but I’m thinking within a few years I may try to make most of my own gifts. That being said, this Christmas I did some…


Sacre bleu! Until last night I had never eaten ratatouille. I knew it was a French peasant dish and decided to try making it. I was nervous it wouldn’t taste all that great or be filling since the whole dish is vegetables (no offense to vegetables), but my reaction was similar to this food critic:…


Last year I went to a Superbowl Party in Manhattan (Ooo Brooklyn girl goes to the big city). Sadly, the Patriots lost, but on the bright side, I got to eat some delicious chili! My husband works with Nick, our host, and his girlfriend/our hostess Alex was kind enough to share this recipe with me….

Chocolate Pretzel Snacks

I meant to blog this before Christmas, as well as anise cookies, but I was probably too busy eating them to bother getting near the computer.  My mom made these for the first time last year and they are so ridiculously good – both hot and cold. They are also fun and easy to make….