Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are the ONE recipe I have ever made that came out AWFUL (Dan can attest to that). I made them back at our old apartment and they were just completely flavorless and gross. I think we threw them out and ordered Albanese pizza. Fail. However, my mom made great stuffed peppers for me…

Football Dip

My husband’s Aunt Susan has made this dip the past two Christmases. The cousins will congregate, hover, and it will be gone within ten minutes. Yesterday we had two buddies over to watch the Patriot’s dominate and I thought this dip would go over well. It did. For about ten minutes. Then it was gone….


Last year I went to a Superbowl Party in Manhattan (Ooo Brooklyn girl goes to the big city). Sadly, the Patriots lost, but on the bright side, I got to eat some delicious chili! My husband works with Nick, our host, and his girlfriend/our hostess Alex was kind enough to share this recipe with me….


In case you haven’t noticed I have been in a little bit of a blogging rut. Now, I have been cooking, don’t get me wrong. But… I’ve been cooking a lot of the same old things. Things that are on my old blog Summer’s Fusion. I’ve been having some inner debates lately: should I put…

Meatball Sub

I’d call it a Manwich, but that might be under copyright by Sloppy Joe. I’m telling you, as a hearty Italian girl, I can professionally argue there is nothing more satisfying than a good old fashioned meatball sub. The man I cohabitate with seems to agree by the looks of this picture. So if you are in…