Poached Eggs

It’s a rare thing that human beings can be neatly divvied up into two categories. But occasionally, situations arise where you either ARE, or you AREN’T. Runny eggs are just such a situation.

Apple Muffins

As you can see by Summer’s recent bridal shower update, it’s been a busy week for me. And I have a backlog of recipes to post!

Danny Boy Omelette and Loose Latkes

The best dinners growing up were always breakfast. Such memories: Micky Mouse pancakes, sweet French toast, batter drops scalding innocent Nikki’s hands. Where does the time go? The man is the omelette king and has perfected his technique. We also had some leftover potatoes so I decided to try my hand at a combo hash…

Banana Bread

Growing up I wasn’t exactly the healthiest eater. While I am much better now, it has happened on occasion that someone has walked into a room and caught me by surprise dumping an entire bag of Smart Food down my gullet, gorging on nutella, or using “the claw” to stuff a popcorn, cheese and pickle sandwich…