Betty Crocker’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Betty came up with this one. It’s tried, true, and delicious. I came home from school/work today to find my house a toasty 55 degrees. The Nor’easter headed our way was beginning to drop some flakes. Rather than jack up the heat (and pay out my nose for costly oil) I decided to put my…

Savory Sweet Potato Fries

A week or so ago, I bought two sweet potatoes on a whim. They’ve been sitting on my counter ever since. I was a little frightened to do anything with them. Sweet potatoes are an ugly…root? tuber? vegetable? Whatever. They intimidated me.


This is our mother Avis’s recipe for meatballs. It’s the first time I’ve made them without her help and I think they came out pretty well. You could, of course, have these with spaghetti, but we ate them tonight in a sandwich with provolone cheese and a salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Relax. Spice can be nice.

It’s too early in the day to start dinner, so I thought I’d post in the meantime about what makes up the contents of my beloved spice rack. Many people are a little wary of using spices when they cook. They’re not sure about the amount to add and they’re afraid they’ll inadvertently ruin what…

Smokey and Spicy Three Bean Chili

There is about a foot of snow on the ground here in Boston, and comfort food is calling my name. My live-in boyfriend Phil works as a professional arborist and spends his days climbing and cutting trees in rain, shine, or snow. He came home chilled to the bone today after a long week, and…