Simple Homemade Oatmeal

When I was in my 20s (you know… like 7 months ago) I thought packaged flavored oatmeal was a healthy breakfast. Oops. If I knew then what I know now…. I’ve started making my own oatmeal and it is the easiest thing. If you are trying to be healthier or control your sugar or insulin better, I would highly recommend these as a quick, healthy breakfast. You can add fruit in the morning like bananas or blueberries, or even chocolate bits if you are being decadent. I add in some clumps of granola and chia seeds in the morning before I nuke it. A swirl of honey can be fun too.



-Half a Ball jar of whole grain old-fashioned oats (I use Quaker)

-unsweetened almond milk (to fill the other half of the jar)

-dash of salt

-pinch of brown sugar

-dash of cinnamon


Add all 5 ingredients in a mediumish Ball jar. Seal and shake. Refrigerate overnight or even for a few days. Shake well again before pouring the refrigerated contents into a bowl. Heat in microwave (or stovetop). I usually make 4 jars worth at a time.


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