Israeli Couscous Salad

Going away on vacation and looking for a meal that’s on the ‘lighter’ side? Or staying in Dodge and needing a mental getaway? Hello Israeli Couscous salad. If you aren’t somewhere tropical you’ll at least be able to imagine that you are. My neighbor/gf Dorothy got me hooked on Israeli couscous one summer evening and I’ve kept a large container in my cupboard ever since. This recipe is fast, easy, and super yummy. In terms of size you could make enough just for yourself or for a crowd. I’m definitely the type of cook who doesn’t believe in exact measurements, and this recipe is not very precise since I modified it based on another recipe I found in an old Pillsbury pamphlet (see image). The original called for orzo, mayonnaise, and cubed chicken. You can just serve this in a bowl, or if you want to get really fancy you could place it on lettuce leaves first (and maybe even eat it that way).




-Israeli couscous (however much you want, I think I did 1 cup dried)

-plain low fat greek yogurt (1 container)

-healthy dash of curry powder

-1 mango, diced

-1 red bell pepper

-cooked sweet italian sausage, casing removed and in chunks (as much or as little as you want)

-salt and pepper (just a dash).


Cook your couscous and sausage simultaneously (~15 minutes). While they are cooking prepare your mango and red pepper. Combine everything in a bowl and eat. Yup I’m done. You can eat this warm or cold. The cool yogurt will prevent this from being very warm in the first place. Emotionally this food is like comfort food, maybe because of the creaminess from the yogurt and spice from the curry. I hope you try it!


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