Easy Stovetop Mussels

I really like ordering mussels off the appetizer menu at restaurants and having it as my meal. It’s an especially good move for me since I’ve inherited my grandmother’s habit of extremely slow eating. I can get mussels eaten in a reasonable time, it looks like I accomplished a lot, and my dinner companions don’t have to sit and watch me chew for another 20 minutes. Plus mussels fill me up, they tend to be one of the cheaper items on the menu, and they’re healthy. Win!

However, now that I know how cheap they really are (like… $4), and how easy they are to cook, I don’t know if I’ll be ordering them as much! This recipe is a pretty traditional one with garlic-y broth and served with  bread. In the future I’m interested in trying other flavors and cultural interpretations (I heard something about Indian Mussels with curry…).

I used this website TheKitchn.com. It teaches you how to…

  1. recognize fresh mussels at the super market (briney, ocean smell)
  2. make sure they are stored properly in your fridge (bowl with damp towel on top)
  3. check them for quality before cooking (i.e. throw out broken ones. Closed tight = good. If they are open you tap them on the counter. If the mussel closes, it’s alive. Keep them for cooking. If they stay open, they dead, yo. Toss them out.)
  4. debeard if they aren’t already (pull stringy stuff)
  5. steaming directions – 5 minutes covered and with broth on the stovetop! Throw out any that didn’t open. I’ve made them 3 times and they have all opened, which means I checked them all properly.

It’s super easy. I used vegetable broth, but next time I may put in more tomato to make the broth redder.

Happy cooking! You can always cook up some pasta to go with it.


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