Crock-Pot Chicken Chili

It’s cold. It’s dark. And I don’t want to do anything when I get home from work besides put on my pjs and enjoy some Parks & Recreation and chips and salsa (Stacy’s Hint of Salt Chips and Green Mountain Gringo…mmmm). Is that too much to ask?

This past week of Thanksgiving I didn’t cook at all, besides Lauren’s amazing Graham Cracker Squares. I wanted to make something at home this week but with little effort. Hello crock pot. Some frozen skinless and boneless chicken breast led me to and this chili recipe posted by Sam’s Club. I’ve heard of Sam’s Club but don’t really know what it is and lack the energy to bother looking it up. Perhaps you could tell me in casual conversation.

I mostly followed the recipe to a T except I cooked mine for about 11.5 hours (I’m a busy woman). Also, I stupidly could not find green chiles in a can. Of course, after the fact I realized I should have looked in the Mexican food aisle. doh. Instead I removed the seeds from about a dozen jalapeño rings and sliced the rings up. I always have a jar of jalapeños on hand. I also chopped up one small onion and had this at the bottom of the crockpot under my chicken. I had about 1.75 lbs of chicken instead of 1.25, which I thought was great. I also added a jar of green beans. I shredded the chicken about an hour before serving and mixed a healthy dollop of sour cream in too. I bought pepper jack cheese instead of monterey because it was $3 cheaper at Stop N Shop.

chicken chili

It was easy and delicious! You can eat it with a spoon or even with tostitos or pita. The hubs really liked it (hence blog worthy). It’s not necessarily the prettiest dish but I think any family members would enjoy it.


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  1. Danielle says:

    Definitely trying this one!!

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