Hingham Farmer’s Market

This blog is not a recipe, but rather a shameless plug for a local Farmer’s Market.

First of all, I am several weeks behind in blogging. I have great jambalaya and coconut cake recipes that, once life slows down enough, I am hoping to post asap.

As you may or may not know, my uncle Paul is a farmer up in Vermont. His farm, Foggy Meadow Farms, is a regular feature at several large markets. His produce is delectable and, without any bias, I can say Paul grows the best snow peas I have ever eaten. Many moons ago, Paul took in an intern named Adam who happened to be the son of one of my mother’s colleagues. This young man studied his trade and has now gone on to create his own farm down in Norton, MA, called Second Nature Farm. About a month ago Hubs and I drove over to purchase from his stall at the Hingham Farmer’s Market. After the frenzy of New York City Farmer’s Markets (the pushing! the cutting! the small dogs that get underfoot!) this small Farmer’s Market was so tranquil and easy. It’s set up as a large circle and although small, has everything from fresh seafood chowder (we bought some after receiving free “shots”… amazing!) to local jams and arts and crafts. We bought a tuna steak from one of the seafood vendors and fresh string beans and fingerling potatoes from Adam. I wish I had taken a picture of the string beans before we cooked them as they were a beautiful range of purples, greens, and whites (science question: why did the color change so drastically after steaming?) It was arguably one of the best meals we had this summer and on top of the flavor is the fact that you are supporting some really wonderful people. If you haven’t gone you should check it out!

The market is open every Saturday from 10-2 until the weekend before Thanksgiving. Hurry while you still can!

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