Chicken on a Spinach Bed with a few Hot Dates


Nice title, huh? This is a quick dinner I whipped up tonight that is really healthy and flavorful. I was inspired by a meal I had at Park Slope’s Thistle Hill Tavern. Check out their entree Duck Leg Confit. It was delicious, but also expensive. I wanted to cook chicken tonight for some protein and I decided to come up with my own cheaper and easier version of this meal.


-chicken cutlets (or breasts if you want more)


-dates (pitted). I found these in the produce aisle

-Dubliner cheese (any sharp cheese or blue cheese will work – I just wanted to use this since it was in my fridge – yay conserving my food dollar!)

-olive oil (EVOO recommended)

-bread crumbs

First dip your chicken in some milk and cover in fresh bread crumbs. Begin to cook this in a hot pan with olive oil. Next rinse your spinach and place in a separate pan that is on low-medium. Add the dates. Cover this pan with a cover to help the spinach wilt. Remove all when chicken is finished. Plate the spinach and dates first. Then cover with the chicken. Sprinkle the cheese on top.

Thistle Hill’s recipe calls for marcona almonds. If you have these, great. Otherwise you could use regular almonds or walnuts.

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