Corn Starch versus Cornmeal

I learned an important lesson tonight. CornSTARCH and cornMEAL are two very different things. I started making cornbread and had measured the flour and everything when I opened my cornstarch and thought to myself… that’s weird… how is the cornbread going to become yellow?*Sigh*. No wonder I had to google a recipe… normally I use the one on the back of the cornmeal box. Good thing Cobble Grill didn’t mind delivering in the rain. As I tell my students, everyone makes mistakes sometimes, you just need to learn from them to become even better. Same in the kitchen. Michael Pollan must be shaking his head though…

Random aside: does anyone remember Oobleck from science class in Elementary school (corn starch putty goo)? Awesome.

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  1. Nicole says:

    I remember Oobleck! A sensory delight!

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