Tomato and Mozzarella Eggs

I’m pretty particular when it comes to breakfast. I believe that everyone should eat it, every single day. And if you don’t eat the right stuff, you’re setting yourself up for a day of low energy and snack attacks. So make it a priority to eat a good breakfast every single day.

Set the alarm 20 minutes earlier if you have to, because it’s worth it. Personally, I’m cranky as hell if I skip breakfast, or eat something loaded with syrup or fruit. It’s a guaranteed sugar crash by 10 am. I usually take five minutes to make myself a bowl of Quaker oats, but theres plenty of other options that can be just as quick and easy.

I did a long run yesterday afternoon, and today I woke up HUNGRY. My usual oatmeal just wasn’t guaranteed to satisfy. So here is my suggestion for something quick, fresh, and satisfying.

You’ll need:

3 eggs
a handful of grape or cherry tomatoes
a sprinkle of low fat mozzarella shredded cheese

Get cooking:

I’ve tried jumping on the all-egg-white bandwagon for health reasons, but I find that cooked egg whites are just….kinda gross. And watery. And completely tasteless. So when I cook with eggs like this, I usually keep one yolk in there for taste and to help bind the eggs. So crack your eggs and throw ’em in a bowl, with at least one yolk. Add a little bit of milk* and whisk together. Pour into a pan over medium heat, and scrape occasionally until you have nice scrambled eggs. Chop up a few tomatoes and throw ’em in with a sprinkle of low fat mozzarella shredded cheese and a shake or two of black pepper. Serve with a slice of whole grain toast or a whole wheat English Muffin.

*My mom taught me a trick for measuring the amount of milk needed for perfect scrambled eggs. Pour enough milk to match the size of the yolk for each egg you use, whether you’ve included the yolk or not. 3 eggs? 3 dollops of milk.

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