I just got back from a trip to Toronto and my first time with our lovely northern neighbors. I thought I might return with a new appreciation for hockey, or bacon… or maybe even maple syrup. However there was one thing that truly amazed me – poutine.

Now, if you are like me your first reaction to “poutine” might be that it sounds like a dirty word. You know, the word you are probably thinking about right now. Scandalous. My gracious hostess LT explained that poutine is a classic in Canada and that we simply could not leave without eating it. She then explained that it is french fries with gravy and cheese curds. Um… gross? I must admit I was not sold on description alone. However, I am game for most culinary adventures, as we all should be. Saturday night LT and I headed through Toronto with our matching men (yes, handsome twins) and made our way to a restaurant called Bannock. It was described to me as Canadian Comfort Food. I was pictuing a lot of plaid curtains and possibly moose heads on the wall. Imagine my surprise when we ended up at a chic and modern restaurant. So far so good. After ordering with our friendly waitress (Bill and I both got venison chili, delicious) we were given a medium sized bowl of poutine. At first I was hesitant. I don’t even have much gravy at Thanksgiving. And cheese curds, what is that exactly? However, I tried it, and thank goodness! The moisture and earthiness from the gravy matched with the cheese (not too much). Oh what a culinary delight! And then, to top it all off, the man next to us ordered poutine pizza! I am completely flaberghasted as to why this has not hit American tables. After all, we eat fries covered in highly processed orange cheese. If anything this is more wholesome than typical cheese fries! Anyway, next time you are at a restaurant and see poutine, or are having a holiday or sporting party at your house and you want to impress with a wordly comfort food, get some poutine. Enjoy the moans of pleasure.

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  1. mama says:

    Never heard of this but will try when visiting the falls next spring.

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