Oh, a bushel and a peck..

It’s autumn, and you’re an overzealous New Englander. Sure, you can buy apples at the store a half mile down the street, but you’ve decided to drive an hour north and pay five times on the dollar for apples you have to pick yourself. Because it’s fun! It’s festive! And now you have a bushel of apples sitting in your fridge and no idea what to do with the damn things. So let’s start in the beginning, with breakfast. It IS the most important meal of the day. But did anyone ever tell you why? Breakfast kick-starts your energy level for the day, and sets your metabolism in motion. Munch on a sugary donut or a high carb bagel with cream cheese, and you’ll find your stomach growling by 10:30 am. Chances are, you’ll give into snacking or eat your lunch early, which sets you in motion to be hankering for a snack by mid-afternoon. You’ll be surprised to find that starting your day off with protein and fiber keeps you feeling full all morning, and you’ll easily be able to wait till lunchtime to eat again. A healthy breakfast can increase your metabolism by up to 10%, which means that you’re burning more calories even while you’re at rest (awesome) than you would be if you skipped breakfast or made a poor breakfast choice.

It can be a challenge to add variety into a healthy diet, but if you get a little creative you can mix up even the most basic meals.

I start every morning with oatmeal, greek yogurt, and tea. Yes, EVERY SINGLE MORNING. Boring, right? Nope, cus I mix it up with tasty additions and keep my palate guessing.

Back to that bushel of apples in my fridge…


1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats.
1 apple, peeled and diced.
small pinch of nutmeg
cinnamon to taste
plain or vanilla flavored greek yogurt
golden raisens
chai tea

-Cook the oatmeal according to the directions on the box. Flavor it with the cinnamon and a small amount of nutmeg. Top with the diced apple pieces. If you’re not used to plain oats, you might need to sweeten with a little bit of sugar, although I find the apples to be sweet enough.

-I added a spoonful of local honey (check out Boston Honey Company) to my usual greek yogurt and sprinkled in some golden raisens.

-A spicy chai tea is the perfect accompaniment to a breakfast like this. Fill half your mug with boiling water, and the other half with milk. Add a bag of chai tea and steep. Enjoy!

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  1. mama says:

    Reading this blog is a great way to start my morning!

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