Roast Chicken and Red Pepper Panini

I don’t know about the rest of you, but hubby and I were ready to face World War III when Irene struck. The same man who made teachers skate to work during last year’s ice-storm (and lost the city tons of money on injuries and call-outs) shut down the subways? I thought the world was ending! I had candles out and ready, a flashlight, batteries, and lots of water. I even filled the bathtub, just in case. The boy scouts really missed out with me. I’m like the mysterious bag lady. Scissors? Sure I have some on me. Tweezers? Right here. Flashlight? Yessir! Various weaponry? Let me check my sock for you. Compass? Of course! I dare a plane to abandon me on a deserted island. I will turn that place into a Disney land run by parakeets. And when it came to food, Hubby and I were just as prepared. Our only plan that weekend was to watch movies and stuff our faces. For the night before the hurricane hit, we bought a roast adobe chicken at Union Market. That evening we had the chicken and some green beans. This of course led to several days’ worth of leftover chicken. One night was quesadillas, but the recipe I want to talk about is a Panini. Warm bread, melted cheese, delicious filling, a solid crunch… you can’t go wrong.


For this recipe you should have either a panini press, George Foreman grill, or Cuisinart grill, or something of the sort. We have a Cuisinart grill/griddle which rocks.

All this recipe calls for is some shredded roast chicken, fresh mozzarella cheese (I tend to buy Bel Gioioso), 1 sauteed red pepper, and wheat bread (or substitute for other bread you like).

Slice and saute the pepper in olive oil for at least 10 minutes until the pieces get very soft. Sprinkle with salt and pepper for additional flavor. I watched Guy Fieri soak 2 red peppers in olive oil once and then bake them on high heat. The skins turned black and he just peeled off the skin and mashed the insides. You could certainly try this too.

Once the peppers are ready, turn on your grill/press make your sandwich and presto! I don’t use butter or anything. Just let your grill do it’s thang.

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  1. Nikki says:

    So, I haven’t registered for a panini press yet. But everyone tells me I should and that it’s the one item they couldn’t live without. I think I’m gonna pop over to Macy’s website now…

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