Sesame Salmon

Fish is good for you and you should eat it more often. That’s really all there is to it. The hubby and I cook swordfish and tilapia often, the former when we feel like indulging. Price-wise salmon is a good in-between and extremely healthy. The last time I cooked salmon though, which was at our old apartment, the place smelled like fish for 2 days (I think it was winter and we couldn’t really leave the windows open). Kind of gross. Plus I probably didn’t know what I was doing. I was reluctant to go so fishy again. However, the man is doing P90x now which means I really need to bring it in the kitchen. I just “do my best, forget the rest!” Yah Tony. This summer while I was home my mom cooked salmon a bunch, she’s a real healthy lady, and so I put on my big girl pants and headed down to Fish Tales. For you Foodies out there, Alexandra Guarnaschelli shops there and Bobby Flay had a throwdown there too. A burly man cut me this pound of salmon. The story continues from there. I made no other stops since I used items already in my pantry.


The first thing I did upon returning to my humble abode was to get some water boiling for some corn Dan had bought. I got to use my new beautiful Martha Stewart pots. Exquisite. How did I live before with a pot that was so dented and lacked a clear top?

While that was heating up I set the table with my new dishes, Blue Italian of course. Thanks Mom!

At this point the pilot lights on my stove blew out (Hurricane Irene was clearly on her way). However, the burner that was heating the water was still on. So rather than stop the water and wait for the oven to cool off to relight the pilot, I decided I would just do this with the one burner. Once the water is boiling corn takes about 5 minutes. After it cooked I simply dumped out the water and placed the ears back into the hot pan. They stayed plenty hot until serving time.

Next I put the raw salmon on a plate (hand-painted by hubby mind you) and sprinkled on a little olive oil, followed by sesame oil, sesame seeds, and some mesquite grill mix that I got at my bridal shower. The sesame oil and sesame seeds were leftover from the Sesame Brussel Sprouts I made. Then I began cooking the fish in a pan with some olive oil. I cooked each side for about 4-5 minutes. The amount of time it takes depends on the thickness of your piece. That’s what she said.

Enjoy this flavorful and healthy meal! I served the fish with the corn and some Cannonau wine. I bought the wine really because of the bottle but it was quite good, hence the shout out.

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  1. mama says:

    Now that is a meal! Loved the ” that’s what she said” comment too, cracked up.

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