Basil Fawlty or Faulty?

Kudo’s to you if you get the reference. Before I make my assertion, let me ask you a question-or five. Why wouldn’t you grow your own basil? Does it cheer you up too much in the winter months? Have too pleasant of an aroma? As a pet take up your time whining and begging to be on the couch with a blanket adjusted just so (not naming names…)? You prefer buying it after it has been processed and the price hiked up? Unless you hate all living things, there is no reason NOT to have your own basil plant. You can toss it in sandwiches, throw some leaves into your bubbling sauce (what else could make Prego seem more homemade?), put it in salads, or grind it up into that nectar from the gods known as pesto. Now say it with an Italian accent. peeeeh-sto. Do yourself a favor, get a basil plant. It’d really be faulty not to.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mama says:

    What Pet? and what blanket? Hmmmmmm

  2. mama says:

    sounds like a ROOmour to me!!

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