Quesadilla Maker = Awesome

Ok so for those who know me you know I am all Thoreau-esque with the whole “Simplify, Simplify.” Just ask my husband as I chase him around the apartment with donation bags for the Salvation Army. Or while I shred every unnecessary piece of paper I come across.  Or canceling our cable. Or putting the recycle in the barrels 3 days early just so I don’t have to see it. Even when we registered for our wedding there were very few items I actually felt we needed, and therefore didn’t want to list. Sure we had a couple of indulgences (cough, whiskey set), but while browsing on Macy’s.com I suddenly spied this. A quesadilla maker. Actually a Bella Cucina Quesadilla Maker… which makes me like it all the more since it has an Italian brand name. I love quesadillas. I love cheese mixed with beans and veggies. I love dipping food into salsa. I love jalapeno surprises. I love hiding vegetables in all this goodness so I somehow feel less bad for not being a salad person (they are a different breed of human after all… I’m convinced). My Aunt Zoe and Cousins Maia and Annie-Rose got me this for my bridal shower (yes my family has beautiful names) and it is AWESOME.


One night last weekend when I was on my own food-wise, I decided it was time to take out the big-girl guns and use the quesadilla maker. I went out and bought some tortillas, salsa, and black beans. The rest was in the fridge. I wiped down the new quesadilla maker. Read the directions. Sprayed it with some pam. Plugged it in. Made my quesadilla. Put it in for less than 5 minutes. And voila! Perfect! The best quesadilla I have ever made in my life… and I have made LOTS. If you are like me… and you like quesadillas… get this. You won’t regret it. And read a good book while you eat.

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