Lobstah Dinnah.

If you don’t have shellfish allergies and you’re not too squeamish about dispatching your dinner before you eat it, I recommend treating yourself to a lobster dinner this weekend.

No, not at The Barking Crab, because you’ll pay exorbitant prices for this tasty treat. Rather, you need to take a few minutes to call around to your local supermarkets and find out what they’re asking for price per lb. You can get great deals, but the cost will often vary widely from store to store (I’ve found lobster for $3.99 lb this way.) Lobster is rich and flavorful, but keep in mind that there isn’t actually a whole lot of meat inside those shells, so treat yourself to a couple of these “bugs”, or prepare some quick and yummy side dishes like corn on the cob or roasted potatoes.

After you get these guys from the supermarket, you can keep them in your fridge for up to a few hours. They only take about 15 minutes to cook, so prepare your sidedishes and set the table with any bibs, crackers, and picks you need to open the shells. When you’re ready to get started, you need to put a LARGE pot of water on to boil. I like to add a few things to my water, so I usually pour in some white wine, and toss in a few slices of onion along with a couple of chopped carrots and celery.

When the water is at a strong boil, use tongs to place the live lobsters directly into the boiling water. The lobsters are done cooking when they turn a bright red color, about fifteen minutes. Lift them out of the pot and onto a plate. Serve with broth from the pot and melted butter for dipping. They’re delicious! Don’t forget the best part (my favorite): there is a small amount of very tasty meat in the small legs of the lobster that requires some sucking and pulling through the teeth to get at. It’s work, but it’s worth it.

And a final tip…don’t you hate how the smell of fish and shellfish lingers on your fingers after a meal like this, despite washing? Try cutting open a lemon and rubbing the juice into your fingers. It works!


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  1. Summer says:

    I’ve never cooked live lobster. Is it hard to get them to stay in the pan? Is that why you refridgerate them to slow them down?

  2. Summer says:

    BTW – the Hingham Lobster Pound is the bee’s knees if you are in Massachusetts (great fried clams, and they’ll cook the lobster for you). And if you’re in NYC you must go to the Red Hook Lobster Pound to get a lobster roll. The dude drives everyday to Maine! crazy!

  3. mama says:

    They are refrigerated to keep them alive and unspoiled. If you want to keep lobster alive for more than a couple of hours, for example, for a day before you cook them, they must be kept on lots of ice in a cooler. Only way to keep them safe for eating. As far as getting them to stay in the pan, they are plunged in head first and pushed down under the water with a utensil, they become still quite fast ( and that is all I will say about that). Lobster must be alive when cooked. I LOVE LOBSTA

  4. Nicole says:

    I’ve heard horrible stories about lobsters screaming when you put them in boiling water, but I’ve never found it to be true. They are quickly dispatched. I always feel a little bad, but I remind myself that I eat animals all the time, and killing it yourself is just facing the reality of what happens to the food we eat nearly every day.

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