Breaded Tilapia with Sesame Brussel Sprouts

When I said I was back in the saddle I wasn’t kidding. Let me preface this meal by explaining a life change that is about to happen for me and my hubby. No, we aren’t having a baby (although if you were on Monday’s broken down 8:00am Lucky Star bus on the side of Rt 84… then yes… we are having a baby…that is why we needed priority seating on the 9:00 am bus that later rolled by…). But no, Hubby is about to start P90X. For those of you who don’t know what this is I suggest you look it up. However, he summarizes it as “an extreme 90 day fitness training program” which means he needs to be eating lots of protein. I plan on dabbling in it as well and if all goes well for him in 90 days, perhaps I’ll do it too…maybe. Anyway, expect lots of chicken and seafood in the months ahead.

Tonight I thought I’d dive head-in with fish and brussel sprouts. Wow, you are so supportive of your husband. I know, right?


Let’s begin with the brussel sprouts since they take longer than the fish. This is one I learned from my mom, and I think she got it from a magazine. Brussel sprouts are 1 of the top 7 superfoods (along with salmon, almonds, beans, yogurt, prunes, and quinoa (some funky grain)).


brussel sprouts, with stems cut off and halved

sesame oil

sesame seeds

vegetable oil

salt and pepper

Rinse the sprouts and chop off the stems and then halve them. In a smallish frying pan get some vegetable oil and sesame oil heated up. Add in the sprouts, stirring occasionally. If you have a hard time finding the sesame oil/seeds look in the more exotic/Asian aisle. I cooked them on med-low heat. Once the sprouts start to get brown in color sprinkle in a decent amount of sesame seeds and some salt and pepper. I added some sesame oil as well to keep it from burning. Turn it down to low heat, you want to avoid getting the leaves black. A few won’t kill you. Next.


tilapia filets


bread crumbs (I make my own with whole wheat bread and a food processor)

garlic powder or fresh chopped garlic (I was being lazy and just used powder)

salt and pepper

At this point heat up a large pan with some vegetable oil. Dip your tilapia (or other fish) fillets into the milk. I mixed the salt, pepper and garlic powder into my bread crumbs, or you can do it separately.  Dip the fillets into your bread crumbs, coating both sides. Then place them carefully in your pan. Less than 5 mins on each side. Keep an eye on them. The bread crumbs will get dark but shouldn’t burn by any means.

Enjoy! I served this with some potato salad we grabbed at Fish Tales. The toast you see was leftover from the bread crumbs and I didn’t want to waste it. This was a really healthy meal with lots of flavor. Sometimes healthy can seem bland (especially vegetables) but the sesame flavor and garlic/fresh bread crumbs on the fish really packs a good taste.

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