Hot Sausage and Pepper Medley Penne

For the past few months Future Hubby and myself have specifically dedicated Monday “Pasta Night.” It’s like having our own spaghetti and meatball night like when I was a kid. Except it is now on Monday. And it’s not always spaghetti and meatballs. I guess back then we could make it to Hump Day without a healthy dose of carbs. Now I need it after one day.

I have a few other recipes to blog but this one stood out a lot – as in – I need to get this on the blog before the other ones. The best part is it just came out of my head. I really believe that with good ingredients and an imagination you will make better food than you ever would following measurements or a recipe. Almost all of this dish was already in my kitchen. A love of food and flavors is all the inspiration you need.



-hot Italian sausage

-penne or other type of pasta

-red sauce

-mix of red, green, yellow and orange peppers

-shaved parmesan and some crushed red pepper flakes

Get your pasta water boiling first. While it is heating up, chop up the peppers and set aside.

Sausage: I usually have sausage in my freezer so I just dethawed some sausage a few hours before dinner. I like to give myself plenty of time to cook sausage since if you cook it too fast and hot, it can burn (like an affair). Also, I have come to the personal decision of always removing the casings. Several times over the past few years I have had an upset stomach after eating sausage. I began to research it since otherwise I have a stomach made of steel – only to be penetrated once by bad beef broth in Outback Steakhouse French Soup and one lone Hot Pocket. I read that for many people removing the casing (the thin, transparent wrapping that keeps the sausage all together in the tube-shape) has prevented them from getting sick. I have now done this several times and felt fine afterwards, no stomach problems. So, if you find yourself in the same situation I would recommend you remove the casing. Just slice it with a knife and it will peel right off like a membrane. I actually can’t believe my stomach tried to process it before. After removing the casing I broke the sausage into pieces with my hands and cooked it in a frying pan. The same technique is excellent for homemade pizza topping.

In another larger pan you can now saute the chopped peppers with olive oil. Feel free to keep them on quite awhile as they will get nice and soft.

Cook your penne. While it is cooking pour your red sauce into your pepper pan and warm it up. Drain the pasta water. Top your penne with your pepper/sauce mix and sausage chunks. Add shaved parmesan and crushed red peppers on top.

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