Breakfast Burrito

I made this in “Family and Consumer Science” in 8th grade. I thought… um, ew, eggs and bacon wrapped together? ga-ross. (Weren’t we all a little Valley Girl back then?).

This definitely is not something I would eat once a week, but if you want something filling and you have some leftover tortilla bread that you don’t want to waste – it’s the way to go. It’s also really easy.

What you need

-cooked bacon

-eggs (scrambled)

-mexican cheese mix



-hot sauce

-tortilla bread

First cook (not burn) your bacon and set aside. The secret to well-cooked bacon is a large non-stick skillet, a watchful eye, and paper towels. Next chop up your pepper and onion and saute in a small frying pan with olive oil. Make scrambled eggs. Concurrently, have your partner in crime or your multi-faceted self place a tortilla on a plate, sprinkle cheese on it, and microwave until the cheese melts. If you don’t have  a miniscule kitchen like myself you can always do this on the oven, but, alas. A girl can dream. Some people fantasize about a Louis V bag or the next biggest flat screen tv. I fantasize about kitchen islands and backyards with basil and tomatoes.

Once everything is ready quickly place your scrambled eggs, vegetable mix, and bacon on your melted cheese. Sprinkle some hot sauce on top. Roll and enjoy! You will not be needing dessert.

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