Pasta with Spinach, Feta and Pecans

I whipped this little doozy up Monday night (I”m behind a few recipes).  It was utterly delicious. I think a combination of high quality ingredients can take one far. This was a very simple idea that was scarfed down by both of us.

Usually I am not a huge greens fan, but I had an amazing Duck Confit Leg on a bed of spinach the other day at Thistle Hill Tavern in Park Slope and it inspired me to be more adventurous with my spinach. The spinach at Thistle had crumbled blue cheese and figs in it. Out of this world. Honestly- these greens were comparable. I didn’t have blue cheese and I wanted to use up my feta.

Get your pasta water boiling. Once you have added your pasta you can put together the spinach side. I cooked up a combination of penne and campanelle (always trying to stretch my food dollar).

In another pan I added some EVOO and wilted a lot of spinach. It only needs a minute or two. I kept the heat really low and added in my pecans (leftover from my delicious Christmas snacks with cinnamon, brown sugar, and egg white… yum!). After a short while I added crumbled feta. Once my pasta was done cooking I plated it all.

Sometimes I make my own pasta sauce following my mom’s recipe, but often I am still using jarred. I use Prego sometimes, and occasionally Bertolli’s. This time however, I saw a new brand at my store called Paesana. I bought the garden vegetable variety – oh my goodness! It was delicious. Definitely a little more expensive than prego but honestly… I think it was worth it.

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