Danny Boy Omelette and Loose Latkes

The best dinners growing up were always breakfast. Such memories: Micky Mouse pancakes, sweet French toast, batter drops scalding innocent Nikki’s hands. Where does the time go? The man is the omelette king and has perfected his technique. We also had some leftover potatoes so I decided to try my hand at a combo hash browns/latke. It’s pretty darn comforting. This is also a great meal when you have a lot of leftovers to use up.

Omelette: This is Frannie Farmer inspired.

For one omelette:
2 or 3 eggs
roughly four tbsp of filling (for us, chopped green peppers and onion, if you have it, tomato and ham are excellent too).
1 tbsp of butter
strips of american cheese

(read all before cooking)
On a small skillet saute the veggies before making the omelettes. This makes them nice and soft. If you are in a rush or you like your vegetables to be more noticable you can skip this step and toss in the fresh veggies in the middle of making your omelette.  In a bowl mix the eggs, pepper and salt. Heat up a large skillet with the butter. Once hot, pour in the egg mixture. Shake the skillet with a forward and backward motion. Use a fork or spatula to turn up the cooked edges. Tilt the pan to let the liquid egg run over. Keep shaking and fork around the edges. This should all happen in about 15 seconds. Spread the filling on the center of the eggs (and cheese). Don’t let the eggs dry up. Use a spatula to fold up 1/3 of the omelette and get on a plate!


If you don’t know, a latke is a traditional Jewish potato pancake. Big D had one at Karloff, a super cute cafe nearby.

First I shaved three small red potatoes with a carrot peeler. I mixed this with some extra onion and pepper and sprinkled in some salt and pepper. This goes in a frying pan with a dash of hot olive oil. Rather than make a small pancake, because I was in a rush, I dumped everything in at once. If you have time make them small so they can stay together. However, either way they are delicious. Keep flipping so it does not burn.

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  1. mama says:

    Now that is what I call a breakfast! Never thought to shave the potatoes like that, I like. The things we learn from our daughter’s and FSL’s

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