Mother of All Burgers

Don’t get  me wrong. I’m an all-American girl. I love my mama, and America too. I’m crazy about Elvis. And I like me a good burger sometimes, but…. I’m not crazy about burgers. I don’t crave them on a grill the way I might crave a hot dog or shish kabob. I’ve only had two burgers in my life that I really thought were something special. The first is one made by my future brother-in-law Wendell. He is the grill-master in my fiance’s back yard and he made this burger one time… lots of onions mixed in with the ground beef and some other magic, I don’t even know what, and it was delicious. wow. Fortunately, I found a second burger that to me is equally out of this world. And it’s this one.

I have made this burger twice now. The picture above is from my first attempt on As you can see the avocado opened beautifully. This second time I didn’t get an avocado that was ripe enough. Let’s just say I almost broke my knife trying to get that sucker open. Lesson to be learned – When buying an avocado, buy one that is tender to the touch! If it’s rock hard – beware!

Here is what you need for 2 people.
– 2 beef patties
– a block of pepper jack cheese
– 1 medium onion
– 1 avocado (or if you buy an unripe one like me… use guacamole that you have in your fridge!)
– two buns
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt and pepper.
Don’t you dare desecrate this with ketchup.
Start carmelizing your onion first. Cut up your onion into four pieces, drizzle it with EVOO, sprinkle it with salt/pepper and begin cooking it in a small frying pan on medium to medium low heat. You might need to add a little olive oil if it looks thirsty–but not too much. During the carmelizing the onion sections will break apart (you will be mixing them occassionally, so you don’t need to worry about huge chunks). After 10 minutes you can start cooking your burgers.
While the burgers are cooking, whether in a large frying pan, on a grill, etc, you can cut up your avocado and slice some pieces of the pepper jack cheese. I had never cut an avocado before, it’s really fun. You’ll see what I mean (don’t forget there is a huge pit). If you goof like me and get unripe avocado, guacamole does the trick as well. I was lucky and had some in the fridge.
Right before the burgers are done top your meat with the cheese slices so they can start to melt, toast your buns, yeah baby, and then start piling it on. Enjoy! A great party recipe to try for this summer’s first grilling party. People will be impressed 😉

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