Wild Sea Bass with Red Potatoes and Broccoli


We cooked this excellent meal on Thursday night. It may have been about 10 degrees outside, but we braved the winter wind to go to Fish Tales on Court Street. It feels a lot more summery (pun intended) when you have fish cooking in your kitchen. They even give you a complimentary lemon when you buy fish from their store.

First I brushed and then chopped in half some small red potatoes, maybe about 8, and we still had some leftover. I placed them in a small frying pan with some olive oil, sea salt (c’mon, we are eating bass!) and rosemary and pepper.

While those sizzled I filled up a pan with an inch of water and got that boiling quickly with my vegetable steamer inside. I washed some broccoli and added that inside with a little drizzle of olive oil and salt. I put the lid on and reduced the heat so the water was just boiling. An inch of water doesn’t need much heat. Save on gas!

Dan prepared the fish with some olive oil, lemon, and I believe salt and pepper (I have to double check this with him!). He cooked each side for 5 minutes in a big frying pan.

That gave plenty of time for the potatoes to be soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside and for the broccoli to actually break apart when I lifted it from the steamer. I sprinkled some shaved parmesan on top of the broccoli for a little extra somethin’.. It’s smart to have shaved parmesan, especially if you are such a big pasta/pizza fan as I am. It is so much better than grated if you ask me.

Eat up!

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  1. nancyjcosgrove says:

    you are somethimg great summer. i am so proud to call you my new girl

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